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Elohim ‘Skinny Legs’

You may remember the whirlwind of electronic swirls heard on the insatiable track “Hallucinating,”  depicting the signs of a good trip, last fall from LA-based producer and artist Elohim. Since then, the explosion of sounds and fresh electronic builds continue to emerge from Elohim on her latest track “Skinny Legs.” Straying away from usual instantaneous opening hooks, “Skinny Legs” takes a different approach that allows for a better appreciation of Elohim’s production quality.

Leading into a false sense of security and misdirected tempo, “Skinny Legs” possesses a gradual build of a looming and demonized haunt that explodes into futuristic sounds. Driving in between a persistent bass drum, Elohim’s elusive vocals never break its’ monotone appeal, which ultimately adds to the track’s delicacy. Paired with lyrics that paint visual components that of a disturbed thought, “Skinny Legs” continues this lingering haunt from the electronic bed, to the track’s fading end.

Elohim’s continuous, sound breaking tracks stand out from the traditional electronic sounds, placing her as a rising artist that should definitely be placed on your radar.


Be sure to experience Elohim live at Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Firefly, and Lollapalooza.


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