WATCH: Sterile Jets Released Dystopian ‘Fireside Drive’ Video

The latest single from Long Beach, California-based Sterile Jets features borrowed images and a message of something sinister on the horizon. The video collage accompanying the newly-released single “Fireside Drive”  is constructed entirely of clips that are available in the public domain. This includes things like PSA’s, old movies, news reels and even a few recognizable cartoon clips.  “I edited it down into a loose (ok very loose) story, that matched the building tension of the song” says guitarist/vocalist Robery Bly Moore.  With Wm B.ILL Partnoff providing bass/additional vocals and GS Bean on percussion, Sterile Jets make music reflective of life’s cyclical chaos. The song deals with romantic rejection and the feelings that accompany it, which inspired the darker aspects of the song and video.

Sterile Jest will be releasing their album titled No Gods No Loss on May 4th. The ten track album will feature old school metal and noise rock tracks, as the band cited Melvins and Sonic Youth among their influences.  “Our inspiration comes from what’s going on around us,” Moore says. “This record was written during a point of collective turmoil. We were grappling with chaos, the death of close friends and toxic relationships. That uncertainty comes out on the record. The songs have more anger and darkness this time around, but we don’t write with preconceived notions of what it’s going to sound like. We just do our best to give you something that’s truly us at that moment.”

(featured image by Robert Ortiz)