Sunday Night Mix: Chill Waves

Sunday night always brings out the best or worse right before a Monday morning. Here are some spotlighted artists that focus on chilled wave production among some other tunes to get you through the night.

DORJ Thunder” -Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, producer and songwriter DORJ stuns with his single “Thunder.” The track paints a darker scene upon the start, as the story builds around simple keys and a muffled electronic shuffle. Simplistic and clean, the pop fusion reflects the build DORJ speaks about but somehow creates an optimistic and light effect. It easily becomes a track that sets a listener into an eased state of mind perfect for the darker, warmer nights.

Image: Quentino Harmeli

Millesim Figured Out” Feat. Mafalda – French DJ/Producer duo, Millesim, take intricate pieces of chill-wave and layer it upon sparkling synths for the utmost relaxation. Featuring soothing vocals provided by Mafalda, Millesim’s diverse production manages to compliment the vocals. Different strokes of electronic vibes are sprinkled through the breaks keeping the track fresh, simple, and focused; the perfect combination for chill wave.

DonovanBlair” – Latest release Boys Don’t Cry, producer Donovan takes all the feels into different tracks for a rough mix of sounds. From tracks like “i don’t play” to “emotional roller coaster” this seems like the start of the feels from Drake (with the utmost respect to Donovan). From the 8-track mix, “Blair” by far is the most thought out track and contains the cleanest flow. Bouncing from electronic, to bursts of watered down horns, the emotive appeal is dreamy and ultimately soothing. Not much is known on the artist, besides his slight somber and solitary environment he created for himself via SoundCloud. We feel you Donovan.

Image: Mister Lies (@misterliesmusic)

arrangeHunters” – Portland-based artist arrange, the project of Malcom Lacey, releases his latest EP The Body, and ultimately drops soothing echos of relief with the track “Hunters.” Revolving around 6 lines of vague imagery that makes one restless, the 3 minute tracks speaks for the lack of words with its sensory soundscape. Opening with an electronic scuzz of a power chord being stretched to it’s limit, “Hunters” melts into a down-tempo, electro feel that wraps you up right until the end.

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