Dermot Kennedy ‘Glory’

Dermot Kennedy finds sanctuary in another's eyes through the sensational spiritual awakening new single "Glory."

Dermot Kennedy finds sanctuary in another’s eyes through the sensational spiritual awakening new single “Glory.” The Dublin-based artist rides on a praise of a climatic anthem and beautiful written tale to later unfold into a homage of gratitude. Taken from his upcoming EP, Doves & Ravens, set to be released April 14th, Kennedy clearly sets the tone and direction for the new album through “Glory.”

Since the release of his mid-March single “All My Friends“, there seemed to be a great amount of depth with Kennedy’s lyrics but at moments a restricted behavior. Unlike previous singles, who standalone in their own beauty, “Glory” seems to push musical boundaries while simultaneously allowing Kennedy to be completely natural. The realization in the track when Kennedy croons “I was only ever thinking ‘bout ya” immediately becomes a turning point of stripped honesty.

The switches between the slow and rhythmic intro, to the rise of lead synths and electronic layers intensifies the track. Kennedy’s rough emotive vocals, rippled with grit provides the sensory waves that is felt repeatedly throughout the chorus.

Pointing reference to the album, “I’ve learned that doves & ravens fly the same,” the constant imagery leans to push towards a bigger picture. Ultimately, “Glory” provides an uplifting wash of crystallization through Kennedy’s electrifying delivery.

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