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LISTEN: ‘Young & High’ Mashup by Francesca Milazzo Sounds Brand New

Francesca Milazzo allows her cascading jazz-inspired vocals to wash over her listeners in her latest release “Young & High”. Citing influences like Alabama Shakes and Etta James, Milazzo has taken two beloved pop anthems of the last decade and given them a new life. Despite the dream quality borrowed from Lana Del Rey and the mysterious quality adapted from The Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye, “Young & High” seems less like a mashup and more like it’s own composition. The tracks are not unrecognizable but instead vaguely familiar, like maybe you only dreamed that those two compositions were not always unified. The transitions between the two are commendably flawless, the musicality is fluid and her vocal quality meets that of the original artists somewhere in the middle. She’s sultry, classically inspired and truly capable of producing alluring pop ballads. Milazzo has declared herself a preeminent vocalist in the pop music sector with this release. “I like to try new things. It’s about tapping into what music is supposed to be in the old school sense. I want to always keep it real and never conform” says Milazzo. She’s taken a big risk covering and combining two songs by such well-known and beloved artists, but she’s undeniably done both justice. Her intention as an artist is to tap into a listener’s psyche and provide the soundtrack for the feelings that might be echoing around inside. “No matter what the song is about, I want to make people feel something. They might want to dance. They might want to cry. As long as they take away some sort of emotion, that’s most important to me.” Francesca Milazzo is certainly a powerhouse vocalist and definitely an up-and-coming artist to watch in 2017.

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