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Daemon & Airdrie Showcase Haunting Beauty in New Single ‘China Shop’

The self-proclaimed “ghost-pop” duo Daemon & Airdrie present us with tenderness and vulnerability in their newly released single “China Shop.” Despite what the genre’s moniker might suggest, Daemon & Airdrie’s sound is earthy, soulful and surprisingly human. The message is that of the juxtaposition between the complexities of romantic involvement and the vastness of unoccupied space. “China Shop” relies on folk foundations, minimalist beats and a sense of tranquil composure to induce a heightened sense of self-awareness in the listener.  The hollowness of the instrumentals and interwoven voices are reminiscent of time spent lost in lovelorn thought over troubling relationships.

After eight years of international touring as the Canadian folk trio Dirty Grace, Marley Daemon and Jesse Thom have branched off to explore a subsection of their musical abilities. They began releasing music under the name of Daemon & Airdrie in secret show settings around their native British Columbia, where it was received with extreme positivity. No strangers to the stage, Daemon & Airdrie will be making the festival circuit in the summer of 2017 and have already indicated the intent to tour extensively. They have already booked appearances with their respective other projects at events like Sunshine Valley Music Festival, Fusion Festival and Vans Warped Tour. Daemon & Airdrie is expected to have similar success. Drawing from influences like Little Dragon and Portishead, the duo combines eerie whispering vocals and melancholic instrumentals. The result is a flooring, honest and intensely emotional exploration of the complexities of intimacy.