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WATCH: Gritty but Honest, KING ROPES Releases Video for ‘Shovel and a Pick Axe’

KING ROPES has gifted us a gritty glimpse of Blue Collar America in the “Shovel and a Pick Axe” video. This is the first visual preview we have of the upcoming album Dirt, a ten-track double sided album available on Bandcamp. Frontman Dave Hollier took the name KING ROPES from a saddle store in Wyoming and it is a suitable name for the project, as a juxtaposition between the diversified ways of life that are represented across the United States. Initially  Hollier began the project in his long-time home of Brooklyn but landed in Los Angeles for a while before completing the album in Bozeman, Montana.

“I’m interested in the contrasts between urban and rural, eastern and western, sophisticated and raw, sweet and bludgeoning,” says Hollier of his inspiration behind the album.  “People think it’s weird, a kid from Montana to move to New York in the 80s. NY was pretty gnarly then, but those two extremes define who I am, and I think that this music reflects that.”

KING ROPES draws heavily from traditional bluegrass and blues influences as an enhancement to their garage rock style. The music is sweet, twangy and dynamic as they induce an eerie nostalgia. To pay both bands a compliment, the album DIRT  bears striking similarities to the 1997 album by indie rock icons Modest Mouse titled The Lonesome Crowded West. The hollow guitar sounds, echoing vocals and moderate tempo follow mournfully and track after track, KIND ROPES delivers a winding road of emotion. Tracks like “Dogleg Boy” and ” Lurch on Sister” are defined by Hollier’s attention to detail in both lyricism and musicality. Blast this album while you cruise slowly along the desert roads at sunset and let your mind wander.


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