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Video Premiere: Spare Parts for Broken Hearts ‘Ever’

Photo: Ammo Bankoff

Set in the ruins of what was once life, Long Beach-based rock trio Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, revisit lingering haunts aimed to pursue self-worth through aggressive destruction in their fresh video for the track “Ever,” via PLAG Records. Drenched in their environment and representing the post-sludge influential sound of the ’90s, SG, Laurita Guaico, and Mikey Vallejo fluently display a range of emotions that rides on their heavy chords; reminiscent to the core of when grunge first appeared.

Leading through scenes of simplicity, “Ever” visually hints at the aftershocks of a broken foundation, showcasing the trio retracing their steps, to a live action performance. As Guaico’s bass resonates slowly under the scuzz of thick power chords, Vallejo’s powerful drumming mimics key shots of a climatic build, catapulting into a hard-hitting delivery.

In between the complete disarray of destruction, SG’s vocals tear you apart with the repetitious line, “What you can’t give, you can’t take from anyone.” Regardless of the explosion of heavy, post-grunge chaos, SG’s rough, but somehow balanced silvery tone creates a sense of centered relief, paired with shots of solace and contemplation from the band.

Wrapping up near the end of the 5 minute track with a break that will make you swoon and simultaneously punch a wall, the track’s visual counterpart and energy fueled performance only heightens the heavy sound of “Ever.”



Catch Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, April 7th, at Space 15 Twenty Presented by Play Like a Girl.





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