Listen: jackbenny’s single It’s Not Cool (To Be Cool Anymore)

“Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and all who prefer not to identify with binary gender, and welcome to tonight’s performance by jackbenny at the Satellite. At this evening’s show, we encourage the use of your cellular phone to record and photograph, so long as you continue to engage with the world around you, and send the performers your content afterwards. Please be advised that the following will provoke a severe dose of joy, and a love of unconditional diversity. Thank you for your cooperation.Now without further ado, stand up, energize, and enjoy!”

The above introduction was written by Jack Lipson and read by their friend Maxx VogelΒ at the jackbenny single release party this Tuesday. Following Girl Underground Music’s coverage the event atΒ The Satellite in Silver Lake, the single is now streaming on Soundcloud and (finally) on Spotify, even after the band was confused with the deceased comedian Jack Benny. It details the struggle for individuality and recognition in a humorous light-hearted Broadway-influenced pop tune. There is nothing that hasn’t already been said about jackbenny, so the single can speak for itself. It will, in fact, provoke a severe does of joy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Photo: Lauren Desberg