Verena von Horsten Offers Glimpses of Grief-Laden 2nd Album “Alien Angel Super Death”

It’s true of many artist we love and respect; tragedy makes for amazing art. Thematically, suffering in the wake of loss is universal and relatable. Unfortunate circumstances can be synthesized into gifting upon others the fruits of emotional labor and that’s just what Verena von Horsten has done with her 2nd solo album titled Alien Angel Super Death.For Verena, this is much more than just an album. She lost her brother, Hakon, to suicide and began the process of grief by writing, recording and producing this album almost entirely by herself in New York and Zurich. Employing the use of heavy synth and echoing vocals, this album is dark and ominous, which suits the inspiration for it’s construction. Verena constructed this album as a way to come to terms with how our society regards suicide and why people feel so desperately alone that they feel as though taking their own life is the only solution. Both the album teaser and video for the track “Fire” are available on YouTube as well as four public tracks on Soundcloud. It’s guaranteed to make you feel something.



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