Ivy Mode ‘Body Next To You’

Ivy Mode depicts wants and desires through an industrial-pop sound on her latest single "Body Next To You."

Haunts of yesterday always leave lingering thoughts at night wanting more, from a simple shiver down your spine, to an intense night of passion. For Ivy Mode, the 21 year old perfectly depicts this mood, feeling, and ultimate unfinished desire with her latest track “Body Next To You.” Compared to the artist’s previous single “Money Can’t Buy“, there seems to be an instant amount of depth, personality, and cleaner style heard.

The repetitious and heart-tugging line, “I don’t want no body next to you, put my body next to you” replays over and over through Mode’s vocals, playing on the track’s name as the skin being shared, to another person. The clever word play and vivid lyrics add the textured memory that mirrors the slow and alluring industrial pop sounds. The alternative route is brought to life through Mode’s yearning and somewhat raspy tone which echos against production, only intensifying the need and want.

With only two singles under her belt, Ivy Mode possesses an edge and incredible emotive vocal that will only lead to larger platforms for the alternative-pop artist.

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