Psych-Folk For The Soul: The Solars ‘Potter’s Field / Dockery’

Led by a psych-folk fusion and smothered in the very elements that create indie, Boston new comers, The Solars, release their latest single “Potter’s Field / Dockey” from their forthcoming EP Retitled Remastered, out April 21st. The lightweight and two dimensional track bounces from underlying folk elements to spurts of psychedelic trances. Somehow the experimental rough edges are refined coming from The Solars, creating a bigger picture for the indie outfit.

The track’s exquisite and poetic approach within lyricsΒ paints a clear picture of what is intended to be left in “Potter’s Field” as the musical unfolding mirrors the sense of “Dockery.” Neo-psych, reminiscent of the American Folk Revival in the ’60s, gets jump-started with alternative rock roots, while surprising sounds of keys maintains the track’s delicacy. Regardless of reviving an older track –as stated that they re-recorded this track since it’s release last year –there’s a sense of lush freshness that effortlessly shines through this single.



The Solars will be sharing their sounds in April, be sure to witness them live:

Brooklyn @ Sunnyvale, April 16

Boston @ Red Room / Cafe 939, April 20

Amherst @ TBA, April 21

Montreal @ Le Cagibi, April 29