Humble Braggers ‘Fight’

Buffalo-based indie collection, Humble Braggers, release their newest single “Fight” from their recent album, I Know Better, I’m No Better, via Admirable Traits Records. Tom Burtless (bass, guitar, synths, vocals), Bryan Zells (guitar, bass, vocals), and Matt Chavanna (drums) propel their recent work with a high zest of energy backed by sparkling breaks. Ignited from the start, the ambient, dream-pop collection of sounds feed off the trio’s high momentum and soundscape chorus.

Regardless of the bursts of energy that carry the track in all it’s indie glory, the underlying inspiration stems from a darker agenda. “Fight” draws on the “internal struggle” a human may have, as well as anxiety, and the constant “fight” with oneself.

As the trio attempts to regain “clarity and good headspace” the exhaustion can be felt in the high powered chorus. Followed by a slight newwave influence heard from verse to verse, the transitonal craft highlights the bands well-versed, genre blending abilities.

Opening up I Know Better, I’m No Better, “Fight” activates the silky yet rough texture of sounds heard on the album, and safe to say the remaining tracks do not disappoint.