Pom Poms Drop Single ‘Gimme You’ in Album Anticipation

Female-fronted L.A. psychedelic pop group Pom Poms release 3rd single "Gimme More" in anticipation of their upcoming debut album.

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With syrupy sweet vocals and a viscous melody, the new single “Gimme You” from Pom Poms is destined to be a preliminary addition to your summer 2017 playlist. This is the latest single released by the L.A.-based, female-fronted group who announced their debut album titled Turn You Out will be released May 12th on Make Records. “I taste it, I am an addict,” the chorus echoes, a tangibility and easily relatable to vibe gives Pom Poms the exceptional quality that has come to define the group as the debut EP remains to be heard in entirety. Front-woman Marlene purrs a lovelorn anthem over Pom Pom’s signature heavy bass line and terse percussion in “Gimme You”, a psychedelic ballad about lusting after what you have lost. In essence, the lyrics are reminiscent and woeful yet stylistically consistent with the group’s hazy dream-like quality that volleys at the line between nostalgic and oddly futuristic. Sorrowful lyricism and infectiously groovy instrumentals give Pom Poms the perfect Quentin Tarantino vibe the group has been attributed.

Front-woman Marlene cited vocal influence from Nancy Sinatra, Johnny Cash and Connie Francis with the added visual influences of The Twilight Zone and Devo. Combined they make for a visually enticing monochrome display of retro imagery and psychedelic sounds to match, well worthy of the accolades the duo has previously received. “Gimme You” is the third single Pom Poms have released, following “123” and “Betty”. Among the praises awarded were those from Consequence of Sound where the “Gimme You” video premiered in early March and a feature in Noisey that compared their sound to the thematic combination of Grease and Pulp Fiction.

Pom Poms will be playing their next live show at The Satellite on March 27th and hope to announce more dates within the next few weeks, including Summer shows. Given the timing of the album’s release and the positive attention received thus far, it is well within the realm of possibility that Pom Poms will be a major artist to watch in 2017.  

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