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Sleep Machine ‘Wild Woman’

Los Angeles rock duo, Sleep Machine, return with their thunderous single "Wild Woman."

‘Wild Woman’ was inspired by the Women’s March in January. It was our first time attending a protest, and it was life changing. There was a chilling and inspiring underlying rise of feminine energy that was routed in strength, unconditional love, and a fiery passion for humanity and the greater good. Given our political climate, it is no surprise that energy has been suppressed for many years, but the spirit of the wild woman (not to be confused with reckless) was more alive and more present than ever before and it is her time to rise.’

The greatest inspiration can be felt and heard even after its original echo; a sentiment which applies to Los Angeles rock duo, Sleep Machine. Alisha Zalkin and Dan Kalisher fuel their new single “Wild Woman” with their recent attendance of the Women’s March in January and make sure that listeners, old and new, feel the passion. The track is a thunderous roar of value and self-worth all embedded with classic rock riffs, attitude and a strong sense of unity.

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