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Lunch Ladies ‘Love is Overrated’

Photo: Daniel Topete

Photo: Daniel Topete

“Love definitely isn’t overrated. Love is very important, always, and especially in times like these. I wrote this song during a period where I didn’t get other people’s relationships and the drama that comes with it, and felt happy being on my own.” – Cynthia Rittenbach

New Jersey-based, dream-jangle collection, Lunch Ladies, take an ironic stab at love through a euphoric sonic delivery with their single “Love is Overrated.” Matt Whitley, Cynthia Rittenbach, Matt Ramiz, and Peter Gargano, create a loving and blissful scenery throughout the 3 minute haze. The slow build of the track manages to resurface the whimsical aspect of love, while heavy bass lines secure the notion of being “overrated” through a somewhat playful, and surf sound. Lo-fi vocals and effortless singing, courtesy of Rittenbach, adds to the dreamscape of the track. Despite it’s longing build, the song bursts through the door immediately into the core of the track — an intent that amplifies the quirky and melodic tempo.


Lunch Ladies are set to release their debut LP, Down on Sunset Strip, March 10th, via Good Eye Records.