Music Videos

Ricky Reed ‘Be The 1’

Bay-Area producer, Ricky Reed — the magic behind some great tracks of Phantogram and Twenty One Pilots — steps out with his forthcoming solo album via Epic Records, and a hand drawn animation video for the track “Be The 1.”

The simply guided 3 minute video takes a viewer into Reed’s head, being in constant thought of his lover. The extensive scribbles display the late night visual aspects of a thousand thoughts swarming, considering the what if’s from every angle. As Reed is floating through space and bearing himself for any damage, the laid-back production eases a safe landing. Mixed with traces of indie-electro, and a late night jam feel, the track possesses a pop, almost commercial appeal;ultimately, being a feel good track. Securing the track are guitar chords plucked to an extensive twang, which signal an other worldly calling for Reed.