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Bikini Trill ‘Sticky Treez’

Courtesy of Bikini Trill
Courtesy of Bikini Trill

Leave your worries behind with Bikini Trill and their debut single “Sticky Treez.” The Los Angeles-based trio makes their mark with an overwhelming amount of “skank-island” influences and bright melodies. Cruising down a laid-back disposition, “Sticky Treez” becomes perfect for any state of mind, additionally adding an extra amount of sunshine. Fusing reggae with an electronic twist, an insanely catchy hook, and the most carefree, glowing vocals, the end result is a feel-good track. The coastal atmosphere become anchored to the sound bites and strong rhythm section, while the breaks dip into a pop-esque realm, similar to the likes of No Doubt during the revival of new-wave. In the words of Bikini Trill, “It’s the weekend, do your thing don’t tread on me.”

Stay tuned for the self-titled EP set to be released later this year.

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