LORD WILLING ‘Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug’

Los Angeles-based artist LORD WILLING fuels his latest alt-rock track by loss, loneliness, and everything in-between.

Courtesy of Lord Willing via Facebook
Courtesy of Lord Willing

“I’ve spent thousands of hours making other people’s records. And I’ve loved it, it’s been fine. But my 2016 was pretty fucking rocky. And sometimes, something happens in your life that makes it unacceptable for you to spend another minute not making something of your own, making something honest and real, something you need to share. And that’s what this album is.” – Justin Long

It’s been said that you can only write what you know. Los Angeles-based artist Justin Long, better known as LORD WILLING, knows to the fullest extent of loss, loneliness, and everything in-between. Making the move from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles, Long’s journey towards new music had to unravel through experience. Stating that he once lived in his van with dog for two years, along with facing death in an accident, losing other musical projects, and most recently, “12 days after signing a lease together on a house in Echo Park, his long-time girlfriend left him to run off with a drug-dealer,” Long’s emotional plane became tested.

With all this said, one would assume his single “Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug” would run up the line of a somber ballad, which isn’t further from the truth. The uptempo alt-rock track fuses the heart of blues-rock, and a hint of “feel-deep” music stemmed from early traces of R&B, while Long’s vocals exhaust the past and carry the track.

Long makes all a believer of turning the past into a strong present, musically and in theory, and anticipates future releases from LORD WILLING.

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