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Lonely Bones ‘City Where You Sleep’

Courtesy of Dee Clement
Courtesy of Dee Clement

This song makes you feel all the past pain you experienced when you had your heart-broken into a million pieces. Driving around in the same city where you both used to live together. It’s raw, honest and beautifully tragic. Saying goodbye is so difficult but letting go of that pain is the hardest part….” – Lonely Bones

Lonely Bones, the project of Highland Park local Dee Clement, releases her new single “City Where You Sleep” from her forthcoming EP . Not a stranger to the music scene, coming from the LA Duo, Peachy Keene, and Sullen Ray, Clement’s somber chords and dreamy vocals continue to lead listener’s through a sonic awe of nostalgia.  Resonating from obvious influences of the 90s, Clement completely redefines this genre with her delicate blending of dreamy layers and heavy, heartfelt guitar chords.

With a beautiful wave of emotion, Clement becomes a skilled practitioner perfectly weaving in and out of the past, present, and future, ultimately freeing herself from it all. “City Where You Sleep” dips into a softer alternative genre with the heavy heart to go alongside. The track continues to delight and possesses a fresh quality due to the constant breaks and change in tone. Clement’s vocals are hauntingly beautiful, with a sense of longing, and captures the essence of her journey.

Past ghosts  may haunt the track, but ultimately lead to praise Lonely Bones and future releases from the LA artist.

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