Hovering over the transitional stage of the party world to the reality of growing up, Rhode Island artist EMELINE displays these lines, while dealing with her own value, on her latest video “Angel.” The young artist’s blunt questions, public display of emotions, and self-inflicted lines of perception, continues to throw EMELINE into the limelight. While the model, singer/songwriter is not a stranger to the aspects of the light, highlighting the artist’s beautiful rendition of Rihanna’s “Needed Me, “Angel” showcases the vulnerability of EMELINE not always shown through her work.

The video opens with EMELINE waiting idly by as “friends” only call her for a good time, realizing this notion yet still being sucked into the realms of adolescents. As the track begins to unfold, we find EMELINE beginning to question these motives along with her self-worth. “Angel” in general is a transition from the party world of a teenager to the reality of growing up, and while it’s clearly seen through images of being a pill and other visual displays of EMELINE noticing the mirage that is put up, the video’s voice isn’t as strong as the track itself. Worth noting that these “weak” visual displays can be seen as EMELINE growing, pursuing, and enduring.


With lyrics such as “I’m the number one, number one on your second list,” the cost of getting noticed isn’t worth the loss of value of an individual. The strong sense of breaking free from becoming another number is felt throughout EMELINE’s production and becomes a motivational anthem for adolescents, or for those reevaluating. Even if pop isn’t your cup of tea, the heart and display of self-awareness is worth all the praise for EMELINE.

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