NoMBe ‘Young Hearts’

Here's to those who don't fade away and the youth of the heart.

Los Angeles-based artist, Noah McBeth, better known as NoMBe, continues his out pour of love songs with the single “Young Hearts.” Directed by Art Johnson (WALKGOOD Media) and NoMBE, the airy movement seems to unearth a piece of lost hope that comes natural with the right person, and possibly the result of young love and its settling reality.

“Young Hearts” might seem like the usual story of the bride running away and leaving the groom at the altar, but offers a more truthful approach as the bride makes a tired and eventual return. The essence of free love is captured when the two women burst from the wedding doors in a timeless moment of no regrets.

Set to see the world and to escape for a moment with each other, the interaction between our two lost lovers flows perfectly against NoMBe’s echoed vocals. Slow and dreamy movements throughout the video lend to the viewers a glimpse of how the lovers’ depiction of time feels being young at heart. Knowing that it can’t last forever, the story leads to a somber stance as the motorcycle heads back to reality.

While the motives are unknown for the departure and the return, some may argue “that’s life,” or how your first and true love doesn’t last. Yet, the sense of nostalgia led to a different, optimistic creed. Being the “first” doesn’t mean that you are young, and being young doesn’t mean that its really love; no true definition to age the heart. Ultimately the characters represent more so of the spirit of the heart and the person that ignites it’s youth. If there ever was video to ignite, or reignite, the will and bliss of your heart, it would be NoMBe’s “Young Hearts.”

Leading up to NoMBe’s debut album, They Might’ve Even Loved Me, the romantic is set to release a single a month, up until the release date, or “until he runs out of love songs.”

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