WEIRDO + CO ‘Mother of Pearl’

Last year, a mysterious artist known as WEIRDO stepped into the scene and quietly stole hearts with the indie-pop track “BUTTER.” As the year progressed WEIRDO continued the anonymity and addictive tracks, and now return with their new single, new label, and new name, redefining the notion of WEIRDO.

Leading WEIRDO, Josh Christopher, steps into the limelight with Pierre Leck and Rene Corbett, and now begin their live act as WEIRDO + CO. With their latest track “Mother of Pearl” via Virtuous Sound, the track doesn’t disappoint with its heavy dose of indie-pop and quirky nature. Despite the lovable quality of upbeat melodies that we all have come to love from the UK project, “Mother of Pearl” hints towards post-Brexit vibes and stronger opinionated lyrics towards the new generation: No radio, No MP3s, They’re giving birth on DMT and every funeral’s on MTV, Social sharing in my sleep, bad friendship tax with no receipt.” Managing to have a stronger voice for a year that has ripples worldwide, WEIRDO displays it cleanly and with their own flare.

Touching on this year, Josh Christopher states, “For me, 2017 is about letting anyone who feels weird or who’s been labelled as a Weirdo know, that now it’s time to embrace it. It’s time for a new cult and a new fashion… a gang of WEIRDOs. I’m here to help, a la thank you….”


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