Discover: Edges ‘Keeper’ Ft. Dylema

Bringing their banter of reckless electronic, UK band Edges brings a bass-heavy soulful single “Keeper” ahead of their first national tour on February 15th. The group centers its music around topics of global heritage, social vigilance, and queer culture, hoping to bring to light the evolving British identity of today. Edges hopes their message, “reflects the seemingly disparate communities they come from”. Their recent release features dark synthesizers and hazy production, as Nigerian born spoken-word artist Dylema, resonates words of regret.

Described by the leader singer, Adem, “Keeper” “is a story that chronicles the demise of a dear friend’s relationship with a watless ex… we’ve all got friends that we’ve seen date people they have no business wasting time on, this song should give you something to say to them next time”. With the compelling R&B melodies of “Keeper”, and their authentic representation of British youth, Edges is proving to be an up-and-coming act for 2017.