CAESAR ‘Crossed Wires’

CAESAR and their latest single "Crossed Wires" evolves into the indie-gaze realm of ear candy.

Photo: Evie Ford // Courtesy of Super Cat Acts
Photo: Evie Ford // Courtesy of Super Cat Acts

Pulling apart an unrequited angst and a dreamy-state of mind, Manchester natives CAESAR display their creativity with an evolved form of indie-gaze that eases into the spellbinding track, “Crossed Wires,” via Blak Hands Records. Setting the scene with an almost therapeutic platform and a slight underlining somber quality of change, the track’s build throughout sound manipulation and distortions mimics the emotive growth. Playfulness of layered guitar riffs ease the track into this tranquil elusiveness, wrapping a listener in a slow and longing melody; ultimately leaving “Crossed Wires” as must hear track for indie and shoe-gaze lovers alike.


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