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Late Night Sesh: KLIM ‘City Lights’

Blessings on top of blessings: When you stumble across one good artist, then another, you realize you’ve found a gold mind of a label. NinetoFive Records, home of the beatmakers worldwide stole my heart with the amount of talent on their roster. One in particular would be KLIM and his latest release City Lights, released earlier this year.

Hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, KLIM’s 20 track compilation is simply not enough from the producer. Pulling nostalgic samples and ways from classic 80s hip-hop, City Lights is more than a late night sesh, but an assortment of seasons, emotions, and ultimate bliss.

Nostalgic vibes will come alive suddenly on tracks like “Winter Storm” and “Toronto” while the repetitious sample on “Love On A Two Way Street” will cling to the happiness of love. Despite simply revolving around samples and instrumental hip-hop, KLIM navigates a listener through all of the thoughts that scramble under the city lights while maintaining a smooth disposition. Each track then falls under a name for a state of mind and contributes to the album’s flow and storytelling abilities.

For the hopeful, the heartful, and soundful, KLIM and City Lights will surely unveil the hidden portion of yourself in the best possible way.

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