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Flores ‘Undercover’ Prod. Maths Time Joy

Melt against an electronic-R&B fusion, courtesy of another beautiful collaboration between Flores and Maths Time Joy.

Courtesy of Flores via Facebook
Courtesy of Flores via Facebook

There’s a desirable amount of chemistry when Norwegian artist, Flores, teams up with London producer Maths Time Joy, proving how collaborations are a beautiful thing. As the two continue to redefine this truth with their latest track, “Undercover” via True Colors, we can’t help but obsess over the finest details of production that creates the insatiable magic.

Opening with a sonic heart-beat which leads into Flores’ choir of preached love, “Undercover” gently glides into the realm. Continuing the slow build, Flores’ soulful and skilled traces of vocals melt your heart and hold reminiscent values to those of R&B from the 90s. As Flores’ desires become stronger, Maths Time Joy matches with a cinematic electro-soul base, deep bass lines, and crunchy guitar chords that melt from verse to verse. Throttling from the momentum of a choir, into skewed pieces of electronic, Maths Time Joy extraction of emotions do not lead, or follow, but equally walk besides Flores’ honey vocals.

Keep an eye out for Flores and her upcoming EP set to be released later this year.

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