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Amber Run ‘Perfect’

Amber Run returns with a moody undertone and climatic build on their latest single "Perfect."


There’s a haunting and misguided softness that is echoing from Amber Run’s latest single “Perfect,” that easily becomes a proud uproar of alternative-rock goodness. The Nottingham natives — Will Jones, Tomas Sperring, Joshua Keogh, and Henry Wyeth — thoroughly follow-up from their last single “Stranger” with their similar angst, blended with a pop enjoyability.

Moody guitar lines hint towards a mistrusting darker tone and resonates of the 90s, while slowly growing into a composition of assertive energy; assuring the track’s modern place. Transitioning from mistrust towards anxiety, the pop nature of the chorus mocks perfection during the repetitious line, “karma, karma, you reap what you sow,” followed by a heart-throbbing bass. The track’s continuous build and whirlwind of transitions refreshes Amber Run’s sound on a larger scale.

Amber Run will release For A Moment, I Was Lost, digitally February 10th and psychical copies will be available March 17th.


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