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Discover: Pure Colors

With a name like Pure Colors, it’s no wonder producer Joey Tuholski has a gift for reviving old soul tracks with a twist of upbeat electronica. His latest single, “Need Ya’ Now” features a riffing guitar with a saxophone and keys on lead as the song grows into a modern funk tune. His unique approach to sampling spotlights a brass band and crisp female vocals. Inspired by artists such as Flamingosis and Pretty Lights, the producer says the track is “an expression of my love for soulful, groovy tunes that make you feel good and wanna dance”.

Sharing his fascination with music Pure Colors remarks, “I love funk music. Period. I find myself listening to modern funk, as well as old school funk all the time. I’m currently teaching myself how to play funk guitar. It’s been interesting becoming a self-taught guitar player, as drums are my forte, being a player for 13 years. I forgot that learning a new instrument is actually not easy!”

Joey Prof.png

As “Need Ya’ Now” is a culmination of his love of funk, and knack for sampling we look forward to hearing more from the Atlanta-based producer.

Mariana Martinez is a music enthusiast and writer based in Los Angeles and Madrid. When she is not DJing as Funky Mar, you can find her front row at any show. She is excited to be a part of the Girl Underground Music team as a contributing blogger.

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