New Noise

Rooms ‘Cry Baby’

Los Angeles duo, Rooms, return with their new single “Cry Baby” and reintroduce smooth alternative-pop that rings softly of a 90s production. Following up from their debut track, “Bittersweet Company,” Rooms have kept the nostalgia to their sound along with the intimacy of secrets within love.

Exasperated, smoky vocals echo smoothly and faintly, “Is this what love is?” As the track continues to unfold, the issues become more apparent leading to questions, suspicion, and a hint of an unearthed truth. The duo’s presentation in capturing attention becomes their biggest asset, focusing on the smallest detail within their craft and gently smoothing out their electronic based production.

Blatantly speaking on the track, Rooms stated, ” I know you cheated on me at the Lowe’s in Santa Monica” — if this is any indication of the unsettling emotions behind the track. The unanswered questions and hint of hope cycles through out, ultimately making Rooms an artist to keep close tabs on this year.



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