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New Noise: End of Week Tracks

Best of track submissions for the week! From indie to house, these are all worth checking out.

Tracks that were too good to not share. Enjoy and let us know your favorites from this week!

SIDIZEN KING “Stuck in the Middle” Prod. Casualkimono – As usual, Los Angeles artist SIDIZEN KING manages to manipulate feel-good production qualities with a heavy amount of addictive appeal within his music. Reaching into the ideal of those awkward lines of wanting exclusivity and still teetering along friendship, SIDIZEN echos all of this with his tone, and constant change of tempo. Regardless of the motive, SIDIZEN’s ability to make lemons into lemonade is the most refreshing aspect of the artist.

FEiNThe Disco” Feat. Mike Fünk – Los Angeles locals, FEiN — Brandon Woodward and Luke Francis — return with Mike Fünk for a high-paced and nu-disco wave track, perfectly titled “The Disco.” The right amount of funk, high falsetto, and sexy bass riffs will have you falling in love immediately. Holding on to core features of disco, the track leads into a fusion of synth-based freshness that brings it into the modern era. When you think it can’t get any better, you are welcomed to a dance-jam session as the break.


CHINAH “Even Love” – Danish band, CHINAH, brings nostalgic 80s’ flavor in a fresh light. The electro-pop track “Even Love” combines the essence of smooth dance-tronics with a soft appeal. The trio adds the right amount of bright synths and steady rhythm


RotanaDaddy” – Hailing from Saudi Arabia, and now Los Angeles based, Rotana exemplifies her power with her debut track “Daddy.” Directly singing towards any aspect that has tried to “control” Rotana, “Daddy” becomes a stance and anthem for any human, not just women. Led by power-charged vocals and a somewhat mid-western appeal, Rotana is a wonderful voice and artist that must be heard.


The Gold Setting “Being Without You” – An R&B, electronic soul delight are a few words to describe The Gold Setting’s “Being Without You.” Paired with a crunchy brass section, the rising chorus of vocals reminiscent of those of Amy Winehouse, are rekindled by Liza Colby with a soothing tone. Holding onto a hint of sensuality, the track’s direction and production are clean and overall the epitome of a feel-good track.


Mari “Pride” – Harlem based artist, Mari, returns from a 5 month break with the house track “Pride.” Winning our hearts last year with the track “All-Amerikkka,” Mari proves that his sound and production skills have a wide range. The chop and sewn bit of genre-blending sounds, from house, to heavy bass-drum beats from the 80s, leads to hail the track’s bouncing quality for it’s clean production fashion. The track wouldn’t be complete without smooth transitions and bars from Mari, overall making us love Mari even more.


JAKOB OGAWA “All Your Love” – There is something unsettling admirable, and addictive from 19 yr-old’s JAKOB OGAWA and his track “All Your Love.” Drowned in a lo-fi and dreamy quality, OGAWA’S raw vocals heighten the reliability of nostalgia from the track. Sparkles of guitar riffs glide in-between the track, and “All Your Love” resonates of longing beneath the hazy sounds.

Victory Perry “Sail” Prod. Levi – Last August we were introduced to the neo-pop sounds of Victor Perry, and safe to say Perry’s vocals are perfect for any production. Teaming up with producer Levi, “Sail” lightens up house-base production with soft electro-pop sparkles. Perry’s vocals are flawless, to say the least, and add the right amount of emotion for the breezy track.


A Festival, A Parade “People Person” – New Castle based band revives the sweet part of alternative rock, blasting progressive chords, and a dark undertone with their latest track “People Person.” This track immediately builds with a slight quirk appeal intertwined in the distortion. Fueling the energy behind this cinematic track are the lyrics that state a larger message of people with mental illness and how they must continue to put on a “people person” mask.


The Vryll Society “Sacred Flight” – Psych is still alive and well! Liverpool locals The Vryll Society unleash their latest single “Sacred Flight” and pulsate through cosmic barriers with bending notes. The track is a high momentum of distortions but is crafted well enough to calm the “storm” during the break.

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