Magnolian ‘The Bride & The Bachelor’ (Feat. Tselmuun)

Magnolian's "The Bride & The Bachelor" depicts love, loss, and choices through a timeless visual setting.


Last August we shared the soul touching track “The Bride & The Bachelor” from Dulgunn Bayasgalan- better known as Magnolian – off of the debut EP,  Famous Men. While the track is utterly beautiful, the visual representation is just as breathtaking. Byamba Sakhya’s direction leads the video to depict time from another sense, while resurfacing care-free qualities through nostalgia.

Simply shot with changes of character’s representing these motions of time, “The Bride & The Bachelor” creates a shutter of ripples and embodies Magnolian’s intent of the track’s “coming-of-age story” of love and loss. Guided by a wash of calamity through the gentle background aspect of nature, it is felt that the fate of the two characters are left in the hands of the universe — simply going with the motion– hoping to reunite.


Quietly opening on a Ferris wheel, Tselmunn Chinzorig and Bayasgalan stand still before making their choices that will lead the video. As the next available seat comes forward, Bayasgalan takes the ride as Chinzorig goes left towards the “exit” sign. Harmonizing between the two adds the flawless and natural element of love to the video. The translation from the “musically mediated approach” taken from Magnolian’s  inspiration of traditional Mongolian praise songs, shines with centered and simple shots.

A huge notion of time passing and movement is shown. From the sun setting, to the younger versions of the two lovers revisiting one another. Director Sakhya makes a note to revisit these shots and change the direction of the wild horses running through the plains. The attention to detail within the story-line ultimately creates something timeless.


“The Bride & The Bachelor” resonates heavily of reflection, time, and and the outcome of choices. One thing is constant though; the wheel continues to move with or without passengers. As humble and bitter-sweet this might seem, the change in direction of the wild horses ring true to the ultimate freedom of choice — it’s never too late to turn around.

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