Andrea Silva ‘Wrong’ (Live Acoustic)

Los Angeles-based artist, Andrea Silva, unveils her intimate and emotive video for the track "Wrong."

Courtesy of Andrea Silva
Courtesy of Andrea Silva

Changing direction from an earlier production of synth-pop, Andrea Silva now has comfortably found her place among the folk qualities of warm tones against an acoustic. The 22 year old Los Angeles-based artist basks in her sense of buried romance¬†with the release of her latest video “Wrong” and strips down the original track for a dreamier and acoustic feel.

Silva owns a natural way of capturing an audience by holding a gaze with the camera, allowing for an intimate view throughout the duration of the video. Swooning alongside Silva’s narration, justifies her musical evolution, and truly allows more freedom for the young artist. Panning from live shots of Silva performing, to isolated scenes of self-reflection, “Wrong” delicately unfolds the pangs of change.

“Wrong” continues to be one of those songs that retraces a romance, or self-worth, from beginning to end, while the video captures the emotion and displays the woman behind the words. The simplicity of the DIY styled video resurfaces an elegant hint of trustworthiness that resonates so easily from Silva and her guitar.

Andrea Silva is working on an EP that is set to be released this year.


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