PJ ‘This Is What It Looks Like’

Originally brought up in North Carolina and Georgia, now based in Los Angeles, PJ takes viewers on the other side of loss, the grind, and the ultimate scars human bare daily in her latest video “This Is What It Looks Like.”

Taken from PJ’s album RARE (2016), via Atlantic Records, the R&B and soul artist blends a dash of indie-folk to the song, and once again fuses genres to best tell the story.

Echoing with strong lines of honest values and motivation, PJ takes a piece of herself and bravely displays them for others: “Feet have been hurting / I’ve been running for a long time.”

Directed by Chris Black, the video’s main shot at the kitchen table displaying different characters immortalizes the essence that every person, regardless how different they may seem, or happy, each comes to the table for the same reason: temporarily putting down the cross they carry.

Shot in black and white, the video allows more focus on the vocals, lyrics, and the story being unraveled. Holding up to the adage there’s more than meets the eye.


Commenting on the video on Facebook, PJ stated: “I wrote this song year ago. I feel like we’re taught to hide our scars, but this song is about me, embracing mine. I’m saying, I look like this for a reason. Your scars are a constant reminder of everything you’ve been through, and SURVIVED.”

“This Is What It Looks Like” is a self-reflective piece that is beautifully displayed by Black to showcase the struggle, and often the sacrifices, that occur during the path to one’s dream. Most often known as the road less traveled–for the brave and the daring, PJ inspires for us all to continue.


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