New Noise

Todavia ‘Fix Myself’

Los Angeles bedroom-pop artist, Rhyan Riesgo, better known as Todavia, releases her sensual single “Fix Myself” taken from her forthcoming full-length, Shyness. Despite staying relatively quiet since her last release, Stay, Riesgo doesn’t allow time to disrupt her flow, and returns to 2017 with a stronger sense of direction.

“Fix Myself” continues to bring Riesgo’s signature dream-gazing techniques and musical softness, to a relatively honest, and bittersweet ideal. Building around the lines, “I can’t fix you / till I fix myself,” the extension of notes and dreamy synths replicate this underlying feeling of honesty. Compared to the last single, Riego’s sense of structure becomes polished and truly allows a listener to enjoy the single in a myriad of ways.

The steadfast beat keeps “Fix Myself” and its dreaminess grounded, while Riesgo’s atmospheric way of singing leads to an insatiable audible obsession.