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Seramic ‘I Got You’

London artist, Seramic, returns with funk and captivating builds with his new single "I Got You."

Courtesy of Whiteboard PR
Courtesy of Seramic

With such a strong 2016 it seemed like there hasn’t been enough time for Seramic to blow our minds — but apparently there has. The U.K. artist spends little hesitation in between releases and continues the same momentum into 2017 with “I Got You,” taken from his upcoming sophomore EP.  If there has been any doubt of what Seramic may bring to the table, simply put those thoughts to rest.


As we’ve gotten to hear more of Seramic, a recognizable feature circles around his triumphant choruses pulled in with an equally noticeable build. “I Got You” is no stranger to these traits for London’s funk-tronic artist, opening on a high note of quirks of funk, and fresh sensory explorations. The style of the track picks apart the usual formula, holds on to strong bass lines, and easily becomes a larger than life track. Stated in a press release, Seramic explains, “It plays with your expectations a bit more than some previous tracks, you don’t quite know where the song is going, like an out of control lawn mower heading for the children.”


Of course, Seramics’ falsetto and controlled vocals, smooth out any sharp points of the track, keeping the cleverly scattered single in line. Mated with the track’s intent of “always having someone’s back,” Seramic’s “I Got You” is an instant anthem.




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