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Katie Ferrara ‘Dream Catcher’

Katie Ferrara and her 'Dream Catcher' EP becomes a 6-track bliss of folk and pop for the whimsical dreamers.

Courtesy of Katie Ferrara
Courtesy of Katie Ferrara

From busking the streets of Santa Monica to Pasadena, Katie Ferrara’s carefree determination have led her to share her sweet sounds of folk and pop. Upon her latest EP, released this past October, Dream Catcher embodies the heart developed through Ferrara’s travels.  The Los Angeles native and her 6-track bliss, becomes a stance on wishful thinking, and as Ferrara states, “following your dreams.” Paired with loving melodies and beautiful harmonizing, Ferrara creates a warmth at the end of each listen, which is just what one needs as the days get colder.

Ferrara has always been a memorable voice, recalling her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” with Lucy LaForge and Kaitlin Wolfberg back in August. Dream Catcher allows a listener to truly experience the range of Ferrara’s voice, as heard on the powerful track “Jackets,” and becomes a polished follow-up from her Naturally EP. Yet, still holding onto eternal affirmation, the whole EP welcomes a kiss of bliss, positivity, and overwhelming amount of love.

Even with songs such as “When Stars Collide” as the scene is painted of a love miles away, Ferrara continues to hold onto a restlessness of more. Diving into the twangs of country, “I Want You” and “In Your Arms” echo Ferrara’s past sound, whereas “One Wish” points towards the direction of her influences, but becomes her own sound through arrangements that define Ferrara’s whimsical nature.

Whisper To Me,” one of the stronger tracks alongside “Jackets,” cannot  fall into folk, pop, or country, but more of this developing sound that Ferrara may call her own. The track retains a sense of innocence and honest writing that bleeds clearly against the acoustic guitar and the bright twinkle from the piano. Ferrara and Dream Catcher is best compared to an ocean breeze of melodies – not really sure what the wind may carry from the sea below, but best believe you will feel a sense of peace afterwards.

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