Discover: UK Electronic Releases

From shimmering electronica, to classic house beats, check out the latest electronic releases from the UK.

Shy Luv

Consisting of wunderkind producer Karma Kid and equally talented producer Jake Norman, Shy Luv returns with a slick and polished single “Joyrider.” Beginning with unique percussions and sparkling synths, the song evolves into a down-tempo jam with a throbbing bass. The vocals courtesy of the duo, give the tune an echoing and enchanting vibe.


A recent discovery, NVOY, is another producer duo taking the UK by storm with their feel good house music. Their latest release, “Make You Mine” tagged as shiny, illuminates with thumping percussions. Starting the off with a classic house beat, the lead vocals immediately launch the track into a groove of shimmering electronica.


Malarkey, with production reminiscent of KOAN sound and disco, begins the track with minimal chords and explodes into a funk fever. The nuerofunk approach adds a refreshing landscape to the otherwise house-heavy scene in the UK. Looking into Malarkey’s other work, it’s evident he has a a refined ear for bouncing chords.


Although its been two months since its release, “NRG” is still on my current rotation. The Manchester based producer, Fono,  flawlessly samples the “energetic” vocals into a pulsing house jam. With unexpected grooves and buildups, the track also has a garage influence with its 2-step rhythm and constant snares.


The luscious production immediately grabs your attention with Shola Ama’s vocals, and the slow burning bass makes for sultry track. As Jay explains, “Lose Again” is the first release on my new label 100Ft Records… It’s exciting to have this new path to release my own music through and carve a niche for my sound in this over-saturated industry.” With such a promising release, we look forward to hearing more from the London based producer.

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