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Twin Oaks ‘Eighteen Minutes’

Los Angeles dream-pop band, Twin Oaks, return with their latest video and track "Eighteen Minutes."

Los Angeles dream-pop collective, Twin Oaks – Lauren Brown, Aaron Domingo, and Rhyan Riesgo – release their video to showcase their latest track “Eighteen Minutes.” Climbing a little over 4 minutes, the track’s suspense becomes full focus throughout the video and ripens into a melancholy, disrupted nature of bliss.

Regardless of any whimsical nature the track may slip into, Brown’s vocals possess a quiver of unfinished business, familiar of a somber ballad, but only pulled off with her skilled control; knowing when to push and pull, adding depth to “Eighteen Minutes.” The constant skidding of Brown’s voice only contributes to the track’s build, as Domingo and Reiesgo take the track into full bloom by the third minute, which is well worth the wait.

Simplicity is needed for “Eighteen Minutes,” as the direction of Daniel Hever strips down Twin Oaks’ slightly haunting core. Close-up shots frame each member against basic colors, or the hazy overcast, allowing for further climatic build of “Eighteen Minutes.” The soundtrack of what comes after the storm, or what happens during eighteen minutes of translucent and wandering time, the videos’ simple and well crafted direction keeps this motive intact, allowing the momentum to speak for itself.


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