New Noise

Saxsyndrum ‘Up To You’


Making the shift from jazz to pop, Montreal collective Saxsyndrum have embraced electronic-pop with an experimental core that will make you fall in love with the Sax like never before.


AP Bergeron, Switchenko and Schofield live up to their name with their sax filled anthem “Up To You.” It’s not fair to simply label the track under pop, since it creates a bridge from jazz to pop through innovative construction. The sassy nature of “Up To You” allows the free-flowing and luscious sax, courtesy of Switchenko, to take control of the electronic and pop nature. The upbeat and galore of continued momentum heightens each element of the track beautifully.

Despite the track’s musical upbeat construction, the lyrics and intent take a somber turn as Saxsyndrum states: “the tune is about the fate of a relationship being questioned, and ultimately relinquished.” AP Bergeron’s soft vocals hinder a hint of grief, and future-soul appeal which levels the entirety of the track.

As Saxsyndrum continues their musical transition, the outcome of experimental sounds is not only ear candy for listeners, but speaks highly of the future craft of the band.