Music Monday: Feel Good

It's near the end of the year so let's begin to let go of everything bad and dive into these electronic tracks that transport you into sheer bliss.

SeramicFeel Good Inc” Gorillaz Cover – In lieu of the anticipated return of everyone’s favorite animated band, Gorillaz, UK artist Seramic manages to recreate the feeling of love for the track “Feel Good Inc” in a completely different light, not only highlighting Seramic’s keen ear, but irresistible sound of electronic-soul that comes effortless from the artist. The cover contains a slightly haunting approach, with a different arrangement that can be either loved or hated by Gorillaz fans. Personally, the deconstruction and fresh production styles not only reinvent Seramic, but Gorillaz as well, which if done correctly, is the purpose of a cover. Premature to state, but one of the best things from 2016 is Seramic.

courtship. “Love For Everyone” – Los Angeles duo, Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon channel their inner disco child with their latest single “Love For Everyone.” The track kicks off with a nostalgic, pop, dance feel, as it grows into a modern electronic sound. The track is filled with bright synths, oozing with non-stop dance qualities, and sprinkled with the right amount of love. By the time the chorus wraps you up, an indispensable amount of highly addictive sounds have already filled your ears.

LitcheWill You” Feat. Loui Abell – Australian producer, Litche, is relevantly new on the music scene with “Will You” being his second single, yet becomes an artist with a recognizable and fresh production that usually doesn’t come from such a green artist. Collaborating with Newcastle artist Loui Abell, who lends his delicate vocals and guitar skills to the track, construct a memorizing gem that illuminates from every direction. Being an electronic track, “Will You” appeals to music lovers’ everywhere with the track’s clean mixing qualities and overall a soft-electro approach.

Van BobbiMorro Bay” – San Francisco native, Van Bobbi sings sweetly of the “waterfront” spectacle known as Morro Bay on his latest single and the sunny days that never end in California. The electro-pop track fuses dance qualities, pop vocals, and an overall “sweet sensation.” Similar breaks within the track mirrors those of the 80s, yet aren’t a complete knock off from that era, and becomes enjoyable. Bobbi is able to weave the best of dance, synths, and summer love, for an anthem to pick you up on colder days.

Blonde MazeAntarctica” –  NY -based indie-electronica artist, Blonde Maze, made her debut in 2015 and returns with a mildly warm and shinning single, “Antarctica.”  Despite a small walk down memory lane, the slight tropical pings of the track and climatic keys recenter a listener into the ethereal feeling the track emits. It’s light, fresh, and contains everything needed to fall in love with Blonde Maze.

DAT KNOX X StefanLet Yourself Go” – Los Angeles producer DAT KNOX teams up with Stefan for the “neo-future” track “Let Yourself Go.” Soft, soothing,  and insistent with bliss, transplants a listener to a tranquil state of mind. Even with sharper production elements, Stefan’s vocals and control eases the track somewhere else unheard of before. Modern splashes of this futuristic approach make their appearances during breaks, yet comes back to this airy production. If they captured water immersing into a pool, this is what it would sound like.

Stefan after you” – Couldn’t mention DAT KNOX and not highlight Los Angeles artist Stefan and his latest single “after you.” Wrap yourself up in love from head to toe with this track. It captures the dance essence, subtly, with persistent synths. Stefan’s vocals always carries a hint of genuine appeal that adds the right amount of feel to any track. “After you” becomes an outline of love to the neo-future sound that is simple irresistible: “All I feel is love when I’m after you.”


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