Christina Rubino ‘Godspeed and Guns’

Brooklyn artist Christina Rubino joins forces with Director Frankie Nasso on her music video for "God Speed and Guns" and displays a disturbing possibility within humans.


Brooklyn artist, Christina Rubino, joins forces with Director Frankie Nasso on her music video for “God Speed and Guns.” What is depicted as a modern Thelma and Louise type of friendship and crime, explores a disturbing shadow within ourselves. Rubino’s scratchy and rough voice ties in with this western flare to paint an outlandish “bad”vibe scene. Alternative rock paired with Spanish guitars, and trumpets, create a ballad that is musically beautiful to counter the visual impact displayed.

Opening with the Cesar A. Cruz quote “Art should comfort the disturbed…and disturb the comfortable,” the video is automatically set-up for something off-setting. Nasso strips down the core of Rubino’s lyrics and sets the track as a score of a mini-drama featuring Rubino as herself, alongside Dolores Rubino. Flashbacks depict the start of an imaginary friend created in the times of distress as a child, which offered a sense of protection for Dolores – similar to the likes of Fight Club – and displays the different sides a human contains.

With a major plot twist half way through the video (spoiler alert) it’s obvious that the tale of these two Thelma and Louise characters are in fact of the same person. Scenes of Rubino collecting heads and displaying her kill with labels such as “rapist,” capture the intent of a rooted issue. From hiding voices that aren’t there, to suppressing the demon within Rubino, it is clear that the creation of the past has more control than herself.

Full album release, Godspeed and Guns, set to be released January 6th, 2017.


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