Best Of … Submissions

Photo by FolkGRP

Photo by FolkGRP for Girl Underground Music

The end is near (2016 to be exact) and we are already compiling the “Best Of 2016” within our local submissions and are looking for some help. Besides music, (because our contributors are awesome) we are looking for some “Best of 2016” moments that occurred for our readers, listeners, and occasional looky-loos. Attend the best concert this year? Had the best food? And of course if there was one band that was on your mind this whole year, let us know.

Frankly,Β we want to know about it because 2016 couldn’t have been that bad…right?

Send stories to and enter “Best of 2016” in the subject line. Attach any photos and additional credit within the message as well.

Will close submissions on Sunday, December 18th.Β 

Also, in the unfortunate event that you cannot find one positive moment of 2016, email us regardless and we will send you cat memes.




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