Under the Umbrella: Drizzling Ditties

It's raining. It's gloomy. Here are some tracks perfect under the grey skies.

Cigarettes After Sex “k.” – New York collective, Cigarettes After Sex, led by Greg Gonzalez, return with their moody single “k.”. The track embodies a darker atmosphere that is lifted up with dreamy guitar chords and Gonzalez’s blue vocals. As usual, the intimacy displayed by Cigarettes After Sex warms up the cold night, or heart, as Gonzalez effortlessly croons “stay with me, I don’t want you to leave.”


Anthony Valdez “Fade Away” Feat.Miles Bonny – KCRW’s radio host Anthony Valdez is more than a voice on the radio, but also an artist who is constantly “creating.” Following up his previous albums, the self-titled track “Fade Away” is a slow-stirred pot of jazz, horns, electronic, and overall sense of smoothness on a cloudy day. As the track’s horns and keys slowly add more depth to the track, the electronic features build and fade out. All in all, the album itself should be appreciated under the darker skies, such as the track “Hurt” feat. Maylee Todd.


Arima Ederra “Temporary Fixes (intro)” – Los Angeles artist Arima Ederra returns with her 10-track EP, Temporary Fixes. Paired with chill and ambient productions, to the likes of Stones Throw’s MNDSGN, Arima Ederra’s touch gives the tracks their added beauty. In particular, the self-titled track opening the album is as beautiful and tortured like a tampered music box. Distored keys at times, and echoes of Ederra’s delicate vocals put one in a state of a temporary bliss. Ederra could basically sing the Oscar Mayer theme song and somehow still manage to make it beautiful.


Duke Hugh “Canvas” – UK artist Duke Hugh brings smooth peaks of jazz, and light electronic meshes that echoes trickles of rain flowing down. The track has it’s peaks and fades, and is best understood as a complete rather than in pieces. The ultimate mood that “Canvas” embodies is appreciation of the somber times and is an instrumental piece that will be enjoyed driving through the rain. “Canvas” is just that – a blank slate to add your own set of feelings on.


EXES “Grey“- Not a new track, but one of the best from Los Angeles artist EXES, that depict gloomy times with their track “Grey.” Nostalgic, led by darker dream-pop, the duo always manages to personify feelings beautifully within electronic sounds. Allie McDonald’s vocals are sweet and adds the finishing touches down memory lane. McDonald manages to create color within “grey” and hold on to hope of time, as she repeats “you’re the one I wanna lay with / you’re the one I wanna grey with.”

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