The Dreamers: Part Five

Time always constricts people within their choices, I am no different. The thought of fear is “if I do this, I cannot do the other,” or simply “lack” of time. Time will pass regardless because the Earth continues to spin. It either exists so much that you are a slave to the sands, or it doesn’t at all.

The same way you stare into your lover’s eyes and ache for more thinking only seconds have passed when hours went by, to drowning by the slow hands at your 9-5 job.

Time is our perception of our hearts’ dreams. Better yet, our heart. Most don’t listen.

It’s harder for the dreamer to acknowledge this, so I’m writing this for a simple reason to please keep going with the notion that you can always go back, you can always have it all, and you can always start again.

Presley’s saying of an image always echoes my thoughts when I speak of dreaming because the image and man are not the same.

I stray away from the norm here to let others know I am as human as you are – and I keep going.

Time is our perception of our hearts’ dreams. Don’t let fear distort the image.

A small piece taken from a full passage not yet published to the public.

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