Serpentwithfeet ‘four ethers’

Courtesy of Serpentwithfeet via Facebook

Courtesy of Serpentwithfeet via Facebook

Goddamn. Sometimes that’s all that is needed to truly describe an artist. Josiah Wise, or as he is better known as Serpentwithfeet, is a remarkable artist that combines the on-stage presence of a royal rock star pushed with a modern twist of a dramatic Opera actor. Carried by classically trained vocals, and a pop-electronic sound that resonates with a soulful underlying feeling that is propelled through the hurt in his voice, Serpentwithfeet is just that – a creation of the damned and hopeful.

So, maybe I lied, there are other words to describe Wise.

Signing to Tri Angle Records, who holds home to unique voices, Serpentwithfeet finds his place among the roster. Having released his albumΒ Blisters, this past September, Wise’s persona heard through his music is refreshing. Now with the release of his music video “four ethers,” directed by CRUDO (Timothy Saccenti and Alvin Cruz), the world is able to properly see what Wise’s music began to illustrate.

With a religious upbringing and being a classical trained vocalist, Wise’s soulful and music lust is spewed outwards into a climatic story as seen in “four ethers.” Pulling from the notion that all humans have their pieces, just as the earth, Wise’s individuality and rawness pulls from each “ether”; a personified duality of light and dark, of all humans.

Led by a direction from CRUDO that mirrors the velocity of passion by Wise, “four ethers” possesses fluid shots of movement that is perfectly timed and crafted to each triumphant beat of the drum. The operatic display of insanity, sanity, love, lust and all the dust that makes up a human is captured by centering light and color against a dark base.

While interpretation could go on and on, resonating differently with each viewer, one thing that could be agreed upon is that “four ethers” is truly a work of art for CRUDO and Wise on every level.

Once again, Goddamn.