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Trudy and the Romance ‘Sandman’


Liverpool trio, Trudy and the Romance, is just what we needed to hear. What they describe as mutant 50’s pop, is the closest description to pin-point their sound through their gritty rock n’ roll core, dripped in garage rock explosives. Oliver Taylor (guitar, vocals), ย Lewis Rollinson (bass), and Brad Mullins (drums), do something phenomenal with their latest single “Sandman,” and we are head over heels for this track.

There’s a sweet melody that is embedded deep within the fast-paced momentum of the track hailing to the simplicity of doo-wop. Front-man Taylor, and his gritty vocals, pulsate through in-between the scuzzy guitar riffs and playful background vocals. “Sandman” is a shot of energy that gets listeners excited about music again. At first, “Sandman” can be somewhat of a cross between a monster mash at a beach, yet goes into a completely different direction due to the track’s construction. Light breaks ease you back as the track picks up speed and pulls you back into its addicting allure.

Despite between this burst of excitement, there is an attitude of control that can be heard and admired of the trio within their own work. Taylor’s control of his voice will make you swoon as he showcases how he can keep a sweet melody with his low, gruff vocals, to a larger bark, clearly heard with a bite.

It’s refreshing, it’s necessary, and it just puts you in a better place. Trudy is an artist that needs to be heard. Don’t sleep on them.