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‘Left Me a Believer’ : Nuela Charles ‘Fever’

“Fever” was written out of a moment of frustration, and sometimes out of frustration we run. We run away from something, or we run to something. We are overcome with a feeling that we can’t shake, until we get to where we want to be. The video represents us all. We’re all different but at the end of the day, we’re all the same. With the direction of Steven Hope (, we were able to capture a sense of urgency, emotion and togetherness, which I feel like is needed now more than ever. 

Edmonton native, Nuela Charles, offers a sense of what frustration may do to people with her pop-fused track “Fever.” Depicting the image of running away perfectly in her latest music video, directed by Steven Hope, Charles’ thoughtful track resonates louder within the video. From her sophomore album, The Grand Hustle, Charles continues showcasing her feats of strength, similar from her previous single “Crumbling Down.”

While the mid-tempo track gently peaks in and out, the delicate, yet powerful pop chorus truly makes “Fever” memorable, noting the lingering feeling as Charles sings, “Got stuck with a fever / left me a believer.” The wonderful thing about the direction that Hope has provided is seen within the natural ethos of each person in the video. While all are running, what may seem and feel like solidarity, ends up becoming realization that each person is equal, despite where they came “running” from – a sentiment that couldn’t come at a more perfect time.


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