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Yeek ‘Away’

Los Angeles artist Yeek continues to be an artist to watch out for since his 2015 track "Sad Summer."


Last May, GUM introduced you to Los Angeles artist Yeek and his track “Sad Summer,” coining him as “an artist to watch out for.” Well, over a year later Yeek has dropped his album Love Slacker, alongside tracks within his “Coming Soon” playlist, teasing his album in 2017, as well as embarking on a small tour, and great music videos to go along with.

Purposely, I have held back, waiting for the perfect moment to highlight one of my personal favorite emerging artists, and towards the end of the year I’ve realized there isn’t a perfect time. For one simple reason I will stress: Yeek is an artist you do not want to sleep on.

Since “Sad Summer” Yeek’s brand has just gotten better. Distinctly bending his hop-hop influences, minimalist vocals and lyrics, with “chill” beats, Yeek’s multi-faceted appeal branches off with his own “love slacker” genre. Not only in terms of sound, but individually as an artist, Yeek’s own character has resonated louder on his tracks due to his stripped down, and humble personality.

Recently, Yeek has released the video for “Away” and reassured how he excels within his “less is more” style. What could be seen as versions of himself, an intimate conversation about how he wants to “smoke it all away,” the synchronized nature of the video visually displays how Yeek is relatable. While the amounts of symbolism could be looked at later, the initial feeling and impact of “being all up in feels” through simple creativity feeds from Yeek’s emotive approach.


Other videos usually offer hints of satire comical approaches, making his music enjoyable on every level. As Yeek continues to grow, listeners continue to grow alongside the young artist. Here’s to 2017 Yeek.

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