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White Room ‘Stole The I.V’

The indie-rock outfit, White Room, release their charged single "Stole The I.V" and offer a variety of blends of psych within their energetic sound and huge chorus.

Photo: Stephen Smith
Photo: Stephen Smith

With the rise of talk on how indie-rock isn’t the way it once was and more so on the shift towards solo acts, proven by David Sackllah in his recent article on Consequence of Sound – which is extremely worth the read- Brighton quintet, White Room, hails as a sigh of relief. The indie-rock outfit release their charged single “Stole The I.V” and offer a variety of blends within their energetic sound and huge chorus.

Jake Smallwood (vocals), Jacob Newman (guitar), Tristan Sava (guitar/keys), Josie McNamara (bass), and Hen Sava (drums), carry the throttle of indie-rock with psychedelic waves injected throughout their delivery. The track offers more than angst of standard indie-rock and excels in it’s overall sound.

While still offering melodic moments and sweet dispositions courtesy of airy background vocals and keys, “Stole The I.V” is a track that gets the band’s point across. Skuttzy guitars and college rock attitude, polished, begs for a repeat. The track justifies how the band’s strength is recognized through their memorable and strong riffs, which are addicting.

For our U.K. readers, be sure to catch them soon.

03 Nov – The Moon, Cardiff

04 Nov – Joiners, Southampton

05 Nov – The Lending Room, Leeds

11 Nov – Sofar Sounds, London

12 Nov – Nambucca, London

25 Nov – Maze, Nottingham

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